HOT TOWEL SHAVE: The Hot Towel Shave Experience.

  • The Barbera offers an exceptional Hot Towel Shave Experience that blends the tradition of classic barbering with the best modern products and techniques.

  • It begins with a personalized consultation to understand your needs and expectations. Then, one of our master barberas will lead you to our shaving chair, where the relaxation experience begins.

  • Our barbera will apply high-quality shaving cream and begin the shaving process with a hand-sharpened straight razor. As the shave is completed, you'll enjoy the sensation of a freshly steamed towel straight from the Turkish bath (or Miami weather), helping to relax and soften the skin.

  • Once the shave is finished, a lotion and balm will be applied to moisturize and protect your skin, leaving you feeling fresh and renewed. Finally, an aftershave cream will be applied and a head and neck massage will be performed to release any tension and improve circulation.